The Admissions to Schools Bill 2018 provides a new legal framework for school admissions. The changes brought about by government are to ensure school applications are fair, structured, transparent and non-discriminating.

The new bill prohibits a number of criteria relevant to Educate Together, notably …‘applications submitted years in advance of the child actually attending school will NOT be allowed’.

In practice this means that the ‘first come, first served’ policy has to be replaced, by law, on or before the 2023/24 school intake.

School pre-enrolment will continue according to the current policy and you can continue to pre-enrol your child for Junior Infants up to school year, beginning September 2022/23.

Pre-enrolment for the school year 2023/24 has closed. The process for admission for 2023/24 will be updated once approved by the Board of Management.

These suggested changes also allow for inclusion into the current policy that will permit inclusion of siblings for 2020/2021 intake.

GETNS Online Junior Infant Pre-enrolment Form below. Please make a note on the online form if you are pre-enrolling your child for Senior Infants up to 6th Class or the Special Classes.