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The Active School Flag was launched by the Department of Education in May 2009 and is organised through Mayo Education Centre. The purpose of the initiative is to recognise schools (primary, post primary and special schools) that strive to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community.

Help us to achieve the ASF!

We are trying to achieve the Active School Flag in GETNS this year. In order to achieve the flag, we must:

        • Adhere to DES Guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all students.
        • Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
        • Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the ASF process.
        • Self-evaluate current provision in terms of P.E, Physical Activity and Community Links.
        • Plan and Implement improvements for each of the aforementioned areas.
        • Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar.
        • See for more information regarding the Active School Flag process.


Meet the ASF Committee

The ASF Committee have been working very hard towards achieving the Active Flag. They have had meetings with teachers, addressed their classes, come up with lots of great ideas and initiatives, and been a really important link between the teachers and students.


Resources for Parents

Here are some ‘Active Ideas’ for home:

        1. Go for pre- or post-dinner walks
        2. Turn up the music and boogie down!
        3. Make a game out of household chores.
        4. Sneak workouts into other activities i.e. taking the stairs instead of the escalator.
        5. Turn TV ad breaks into fitness breaks.
        6. Have a weekly sports night, where everyone in the family gets involved.
        7. Let the kids help with work in the yard and with gardening – catch leaves, raking, sorting, digging, planting, etc.
        8. Walk the dog.

Here are some fantastic resources for parents to encourage even more physical activity at home:

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Take a peek at what we have been up to…

Here are some of the improvements we have made on our way to achieving the Active School Flag.

Active School Week

We held our active week 24th to the 28th March. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, particularly the parents who are part of the ASF Committee.

Monday- Walk Around the World

Each class had to walk around the school and see how many laps they could do. We saw some fantastic landmarks along the way!

photo 1 (2) photo 1 (3)photo 1 photo 2 (2) photo 2 (3)photo 2 photo 3 (2)photo 3 photo 4 (2) photo 4 (3)photo 4 photo 5 (2) photo 5 (3)





Here are the results:


Tuesday – Obstacle Course

The parents designed a fabulous obstacle course for each class to complete. Have a look at some of the obstacles:

DSC08981 DSC08980 DSC08979 DSC08978 DSC08977 DSC08976 IMG_2099 DSC08973 DSC08965 DSC08966 DSC08960

Wednesday – Dodge ball

Each class played a game of dodge ball in the hall.  At the end of the day, we had a teachers vs. students dodge ball match. It was so much fun! Every class came out to cheer on their friends!

Team Teachers:


Team Students:


Here are some of the ‘Action Shots’ from the day:

DSCF0819 DSCF0820 DSCF0824 DSCF0825 DSCF0828

DSCF0831 DSCF0845 DSCF0839


Thursday – Skipathon

The parents, once again, gave their time to coming in and giving skipping workshops to all classes. It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it!

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 4 (4)

DSC09041 DSC09038 DSC09057 DSC09055 DSC09046

Friday – Drop Everything and Dance

Each class was taught the macarena in the morning. Any time the macarena came on over the intercom throughout the day, the students had to ‘Drop everything and dance!

We had so much fun during Active Week, we didn’t want it to end!!!


As part of the Educate Together Fundraising Day, we had a skipathon. We had so much fun! Here’s just some of the photos from the day.







We have been doing lots of fun things and co-operative games during P.E. Check out Jacqui’s class ‘putting their heads together’ in P.E!

DSCF0752 DSCF0748 DSCF0746

Kelly’s 3rd Class love playing uni-hoc!


DSC08773 DSC08779 DSC08781

Magic Yard

The Junior and Senior Infants have lots of fun in the magic yard!

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