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The children regularly engage in active movement breaks and despite

some hesitiation always enjoy them and smile throughout!!!!


The children began ‘Reading Buddy’ sessions with Julie and Fionas classes every Tuesday.

They take turns and swap classes each week. The Junior Teachers gave the class a lesson

in paired reading and how to read with the junior classes as they engage with them

every week at this time.

The children took a trip to the beach this month in connection with the ‘Zero waste’

project they are working on with Laoise. They drew pictures of things they could see

in the natural environment that would leave the least amount of waste as possible.

The children took part in several activities during Seachtain na Gaeilge including a

Trath na gCeist, Ceolchoirm and a Céili for which they practiced outside once the weather allowed!

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We finished off our interest in Jasper John by using some of his most famous pieces as inspiration for

art and a chance to work cooperatively in groups.



The children created some lovely dreams for themselves and for their community

and the world also.


The children began a 6 week workshop with a visiting teacher Laoise based on the

concept of eventually becoming a zero waste economy. The children looked at what

happens to the items we recycle and coming up with ways of reusing these items.

The children worked with some weighted medicine balls in PE this month. Used

in movements they have now had plenty of experience in  like squats and sit ups and running

adding a small amount of weight challenges the children and builds their

aerobic capacity.

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As part of our theme this month ‘American Revolution’, we looked at George Washington creating some Cinquain poems based on him. We looked at the American artist Jasper John and created some pieces inspired by his work.  We also looked at some famous American Inventors and created some toy inventions of their own!



In P.E. this month the children began their term of GAA with coach Tommy and also worked further on building their conditioning level and aerobic capacity by doing lots and lots of exercises!

In Irish this month we looked at the theme ‘Eadaí’ including creating these beautiful pictures with descriptions of what the scarecrows are wearing.

In Learn Together, the class looked at Martin Luther’s Life and achievements and made this ‘Freedom Hands’ poster after.

To celebrate Martin Luther King Day this month the class created ‘I Am’ Poem about him. The children came up with some really amazing pieces.

In English this month we looked at Antonyms and Synonyms and displayed them with some amazing pictures by the class!

We started off the New Year with some New year resolutions!

One for Now, One for soon and One for later in the year! The children came up with some really good goals for the year and we will check in to see how they are coming along!



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This month the children worked in groups to create and construct Snowmen! The pictures below show them working in groups and the finished products!!

The class conducted an experiment in Science this month to investigate which liquid if any would result in a candy dissolving! They enjoyed the process and writing up about their findings after!

The class worked extremely hard this month on their Christmas production of ‘Mr. Scrooge, My Teacher!’ They practiced a great deal resulting in performing the play for their parents during the Christmas week!

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Class Trips and Visitors this month!

6th class were very lucky to have a visit this month to the Mermaid Theatre to see the production of the Secret Garden and wrote some letters to the theatre about their experience.

The class also had a visit from Father John and enjoyed discussing his life experiences. Some members of the class wrote letters to Father John to express their gratitude.

The class also took a trip to the amazing Lexicon Library in Dun Laoighre to attend a Light Learning workshop and engaged in some experiments with lazers to see hoe light reflects among other things.


The class interlinked Halloween across a few of the curriculum areas including Art and Irish and produced some lovely pieces of work which was displayed in the hall for the Schools Halloween Disco!


This month the children looked at Homelessness and carried out some Research and looked at different areas of homelessness in Ireland including how a persons health is impacted by it.


This month in Irish the class studied “Sa Bhaile” agus “Oiche Shamhna”. The produced great pieces on “Mo Theach Idealach”, “Mo Sheomra Chodlata”


This month we began to read , The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne and looked at the character traits of Bruno. The class also made some lovely Metaphor poems!

ART:The class looked at foreshortening portraits and reflective portraits this month in Art and produced some amazing work!


The class discussed what Happiness means to them and why and displayed their thoughts in posters!


The class revised their Addition and Subtraction skills this month also during Maths stations using games and different resources to refresh their memories on the topics!


We started off October with activities to celebrate Space week. The class all had a planet to research and complete and present a project on by the end of the week! The children also learned about the phases of the moon and conducted an experiment to make all the phases of the moon using Oreo’s!

This month in PE we worked on strength and conditioning exercises in prepartion for National Fitness day at the end of the month!

The class worked on an Acrostic style of poetry and linked it with the SPHE topic of Respect.



In Art this month the children worked on portraits and completed a self portrait in a Mine Craft style!

During the month of September the children discussed and decided on the classroom rules and created a classroom contract in the process.

In Learn Together this month we looked at the Hindu God Vishnu and looked at the practices and ways of the Religion.

The children had a visit by two local doctors to link in with topics covered in Science this month!

The class started their weekly Music lessons with teacher Aran, they worked on some body percussion pieces along with the tin whistle. 

The class participated in National Fitness Day including Challenge the teacher events in Sit ups, Push ups, Tug o War among others! Was a great day of fun for everyone!

The children learned about taking care of their teeth and what the different parts of the tooth are. They finished their lesson by creating a full set of teeth in pairs with mini marshmallows and tooth picks!