This month the children worked so hard towards the end result of the schools Multicultural day. Between the beautiful projects they worked on about the tribes and the Brazilian Landmarks to the giant masks and Jesters they drew and painted for our Rio De Janeiro Carnival display. They worked constantly to create an amazing Amazon Rainforest display complete with creating animal fact files and stunning chalk pastel pictures of the animals. The class created fact files about some of Brazil’s most famous footballers and displayed them in a giant pitch creating Brazil’s ultimate football team. They completed so many activities, projects and displays its impossible to mention them all! They were amazing on the day and worked so hard to display all the work they had done for the representation of Brazil on Multicultural Day.


 220 222 221 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236

Irish this month – An Aimsir!

This month in Irish we looked at An Aimsir and the children displayed their knowledge on grammar and understanding of the different tenses and understanding when to use inné, inniu or amárach. The children created beautiful pictures while doing this.


204 201 202 203


This month to revise the children’s understanding of how to compose a Kennings poem, we created ones about themselves and displayed them in a Guess Who style. Kennings poems have 4 lines, 8 words which describe something or someone but never naming the topic. The children had great fun guessing who each poem was about as we read them out in class. 


GAA Tournament!

Alot of the boys from the class atteneded a GAA tournament during the month. The school had three teams and all of the boys played brilliantly and represented the school so well with one of the teams winning the cup! The excitement levels were massive and hopefully will be the first of many wins for them going forward.

155 156 159 160 163 164


We completed alot of projects this month for Multicultural Day and our country Brazil. We began with a project on the Awa tribe with each group presenting it at the end. The class are really getting better at researching, constructing and presenting their work as a group.

129 133 131 127


This month we were very lucky to take a trip to the Dáil and take a tour of the building. Unfortunately we were not allowed take pictures once inside but it was a very enjoyable trip and the children also got to stop off at the World War One exhibition on the way!

113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124


This month we looked at examples of Onomatopoeia’s and then integrated it with Art to create some beautiful pictures displaying them!

055 057

March Maths!

This month we continued to work with Decimals,Fractions and Percentages. Below are come pictures of the class using some concrete materials to match the different different concepts in groups.

039 043 044 041 042

February 2017!

Science week!

Final Experiment!

After presenting their projects, the children tried their hands at erupting cauldrons. The children worked in pairs and completed the experiment in different colours also. They son realized by adding more bicarbonate soda, their cauldron would overflow faster! Great fun had!

123 125 126 127 129 130 131 133 134 135 137 138 139

Albert Einstein Projects!

As part of Science week the children worked together in groups on a project about Albert Einstein. The children were given time during class to complete an interesting and creative project based on him. The pictures below show the children in the stations working on their project and presenting them to the class on the final day. The children worked really hard and all of the groups showed great imagination and interest as they presented some extremely interesting and creative projects.

102 104 106 107 110 111 112105 109 108

Teaming up with Julie’s class!

On Wednesday of Science week we went to Julie’s Junior Infant class to work with them to carry out the exploding bag experiment. My class have completed the experiment before so they took the lead and worked extremely well with the juniors as they showed them what they needed to have ready before we headed outside to watch as the bags exploded. It was great fun and both classes really enjoyed it!

078 079 080 082 083 084 086 087 088 090 091 092 094 095 096

For Science week the children took part in several different activities including investigating balance. The children were pretty sure these activities would be extremely simple but it soon became clear some of them were trickier than they looked. All the children participated and were interested to discover what improves our balance and also what hinders it!

061 062 064 065 066 067 069 070

Syllables! this month we looked at syllables. We worked them across the curriculum and linking work completed in English with our class novel and completing different activities. We finished up our work with them by playing a syllables pair game. This ended to be avery competitive activity with the children very determined to be the winner!

051 053 055 057 058 059

PE this month we worked on our gymnastic skills. Some of the girls in the class practice gymnastics outside school so they were great to have as demonstrates and as inspiration while watching them perform some very impressive skills!

013 014 015 016 017 019 020 021 022 023 025 027 028 029 030 032

January 2017!!!!!!

New Year New Term!

6th class came back a few weeks ago and began work in maths in the area of Time! The new concept for the children this year is working with time zones and the concept of speed. The maths stations for time also included work previously covered with converting from analogue clocks to digital clocks and time word problems. The children had great fun and had to listen to me repeat the line “Remember there is 60 minutes in  1 hour not 100 minutes!”

129130133134127 128 131 132 135 136


PE This Term – Gymnastics

This term in PE we will be concentrating on Gymnastics which will include work with the beam and mat work including tumbles, handstands and cartwheels. The children will work with apparatus like show in the pictures below and will also work on performing a routine consisting of the different movements in groups. The different movements are scaled for the children’s varying abilities also.

139 140 142 144144



English – Alliteration 

This month in English we looked at examples of alliteration in the oral, written and reading we are doing throughout the day. The children got into pairs and came up with examples of Alliteration. Considering these examples, the children then worked individually to compose an Alliteration poems. The completed poems are shown below, the children had great fun reading them out and some were extremely challenging to read as they used so many alliterations in them! The children displayed the poems pictorially also with all of them making great effort with the presentation of their work!



191 192 195 196193



SESE – American Revolution 

This month our theme was the American Revolution. At the beginning of the month we as a group brain stormed all the different areas of the American Revolution. The children pointed out just how many topics there is to do with the American Revolution. We decided to focus on a few key topics. One of which was The Boston Tea Party. The children enjoyed working in pairs to decide what the key causes were and the key effects of the Boston Tea party were.

They then integrated this information with Art and displayed this information in a tea cup! Some of which are shown below. After this we looked at American Presidents and we focused in on George Washington. After gathering some information about George Washington through the use of video clips, comprehensions and brainstorming what they already knew, the children worked in pairs to write and ‘I Am’ Poem about George Washington. All of the poems were really impressive and are excellent examples of the information they retained about George Washington.

As we looked at the American Revolution in art this month we looked at the American artist Jasper John and his 3 flags creation. The children reconstructed this image using his original as a guide to create their version. The flags were then displayed in the class room and looked visually very impressive.


198 199 200 202 203 206 207 208

 Learn Together – Chinese New Year

This month one of the themes for our Learn Together Time included looking at Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. The children enjoyed watching clips about the tradition dragon dances used in parades and learning about the food that is eaten. As it is the year of the rooster the children combined some mindfulness colouring with this theme and designed some beautiful Chinese New Year Rooster pictures as seen below.

210 211 212



SPHE – Stay Safe Programme – Bullying 

In SPHE this month under the Stay Safe programme we are focusing on the topic of Bullying as a whole school. The picture below shows the beginning of the lesson as we used circle time to discuss bullying, what it is , when it is bullying and how they feel about bullying. The children then took part in a ‘Walking Debate’. They worked in pairs and were given different statements about bullying and had to decide whether they ‘Agreed’ Disagreed’ and or were ‘Not Sure’ with the statement they were given.

Once they decided this they walked to the area in the room that had the appropriate sign that represented their decision. They then discussed why they chose to agree or disagree or where unsure with the statement. The lesson was concluded by the children completing a reflection sheet individually which asked the children to think about themselves and the type of friend they seen themselves as. The feedback on these sheets showed that the children enjoyed the ‘Walking debate’ lesson style and found it a good way to discuss sensitive subjects.





I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the children this month for all their hard work since September and to wish them and their families a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Christmas Art: 

In Art the children created some cartoon Christmas images using pastels and also ‘catching snowflake’ images. Both lessons were really fun and again shows the artistic talents of this group!







230 232 233 235

Science: Christmas Candy Cane Experiment!

In Science this month we looked at which liquid could dissolve a candy cane the quickest if at all. Firstly the children completed an investigation sheet as they stated which liquid they would pick. They had four liquids to choose from, vinegar, oil, hot water and cold water! The children all dropped the candy canes at the same time and watched as the candy canes dissolved into the liquids. The children were all very interested that it was in fact the oil that did nothing to the candy cane while all of the other liquids eventually completely dissolved the candy cane!

216 218 219 220214217215


This month we began by linking our themes in our Learn Together programme and the subject of S.P.H.E as we looked at how Christmas is celebrated all around the world. The children then picked a country and displayed how Christmas is celebrated there.


171 172 173174

Ancient Greek Clay Project

 In art the children worked on creating a mythological creature made from clay. This project along with the projects completed at home ended the theme of Ancient Greece. The children worked very hard on their individual projects at home and i would like to take this chance to thank all the parents for all of their input and help during the month!



121 122 123 125 129 130 131 133 134 135 137 138 139 141 142 143

Maths Art : Perimeter Names!

To finish off our work on Perimeter, the children found the perimeter of their own names! This lesson linked maths with art and the children really enjoyed designing their names along with finding the perimeter of them. So many beautiful finished pieces of work created by a very talented group of children!

090 091 092 094 095 096 098 099 100


The children continued their work in maths this month as we looked at the topic of Perimeter. The children took part in some stations which included a perimeter snakes and ladders game along with finding the perimeter of different item around the classroom!

045 046 047 049 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 059 060 061 062 063 064

Ancient Greek Pottery

The children’s work on Ancient Greece continued as we studied Ancient Greek Pottery. We looked at the different types of pottery along with the different drawings and patterns seen on them. The children then designed their own pottery.


Personification Superheros!

This month in English we looked at Personification. The children chose an object and turned it into a Personification Superhero! They then wrote a short piece about their creation and created an image of them also!

021 023 025 026 027024

Ancient Greek Mythological Creatures

We looked at several Mythological creatures this month and the legends around them. The children chose a creature to feature in their charcoal drawings below.





The children revised the topic of length this month in Maths. Below the children completed the task of working in pairs and first of estimating the length of different class items like the window, the door, teachers desk and also their partner. Once estimated the children then had to measure to check their estimations.



As the children continue their work on Ancient Greece throughout the month, they drafted a mythological creature they would like to create using clay. The photos below show the children creating their creatures. The clay is currently drying out and the finsihed pieces will be uploaded shortly!

284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291

Music lessons with Teacher Aran:

6th class have been taking part in music lessons with Teacher Aran every week and have recently begun working on a performance with Aran. The photos below show the children practicing with Aran on their performance. Teacher Katie has also joined along playing the cello with the group. The pieces are coming together and the children are really enjoying the Music lessons each week.


Debating with Teacher Clare!

This month the children have been working with Clare on taking part in a debate and the procedure for carrying out a debate. The pictures below show the chidlren debating the topic of the need for mobile phones by young children. The topics have been very engaging and interesting to discuss with the children and gain their insights on different topical matters.

273 274 275

Calligram Poems:

The children created a Calligram poem this month on an object/ topic of their choosing.

260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271259


6th class have been playing GAA every week under the guidance of Tommy. Every week i have noticed how the games are increasing some the children’s confidence and their willingness to engage in the game. The girls in particular have really increased their confidence levels and as a result as can be seen in the pictures below are more active in the games each week.

204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251

P.E. this month involves circuit training and games!

Below are some pictures of the children playing ‘meet me in the middle’. In this game the children have to meet their partner in the middle and complete the given activity and then return to the wall as quick as they can. Activities include 5 push ups, 5 high fives, 5 sit ups each before returning to the wall. The game is a firm favourite with the group.



178 179 182 183180 181 184183182


This month the children completed a lot of project work. We looked at the topic of date this month and the children completed a project involving date. They had to complete several parts to the project including presenting it to the class at the end. Before this they had to first come up with a Research question relevant for their age group and that would allow them to collect data for. Some of the chosen topics included: which bottle is the best to practice flipping and which clothes brand is the most popular in our class. The children then asked all their classmates their research question and they then had to display the results on a trend graph. They worked hard to then come up with question about their graph and finally had to swap projects with another group to complete the questions. This involved a peer assessment questionnaire. The final stage was a presentation to the class on the project as a whole and all the steps involved. The children worked really hard and created some fantastic graphs and are improving at presenting their work all the time. Photos below show the children presenting their project and working in their groups.



168 169 170167




Our theme this month is Ancient Greece and the children began by creating a storyboard involving one of the Greek Gods and Goddesses in the story. The children worked on this in groups and will use the story board to write the story out and present it to the class as a group.



The children have started the month with setting to work on Narrative writing.

Firstly the children began with working on different settings. The children were given different settings and created a short story using this setting. They came up with some very creative and imaginative stories and depicted these in some beautiful pictures also.

124 125 126 127 128 130 131 132 133 134 135 136

Happy Halloween!

The children all made great efforts to celebrate Halloween.

We had some very interesting and elaborate costumes which provided great entertainment and fun for everyone.


160 163 164 166 167 168 170 171 172173 161 162


The children drafted and sketched a creature of their own and used pastels

to design and colour before displaying on some paper!




151 155 159 163

 146 149 150 152 153 154 156 157 158 160 161 162 164 165 166


The children worked very very hard this month on learning the irregular Irish verbs in the past tense. They also spent a lot of time learning prepositions in Irish and constructing sentences with them. They put all their hard work together to create a short Irish Halloween story containing all of these elements. They displayed them on a spooky haunted house before reading it out loud to the rest of the class to practice reading in Irish also! Oíche Shamhna Shona duit!


128 131 132 135 136 139 140 143 144

130 134 138 142



The children learned about Harvest celebrations around the world this month. They worked in groups to become up with a picture which depicted how Harvest was celebrated across the different continents! Afterwards the children creasted Harvest Acrostic poems individually.

122 126 124 126 125


The children finished all their hard work on multiplication in maths this month with stations. There was great fun and excitement in particular with the card games where quick thinking was involved to gain point to become the winner! Alot of the children lost track of their dies while playing the games in some pf the pictures!

272 275 276 279 284 287 288 291 292 295 296

271 274 275 277 278 279 281 282 283 285 286 287 290 291 294 297 298



The children created metaphor poems this month during their English time in class! The children are concentrating hard on completing in all of their assigned in class work by the end of the week. This piece of work is a good example of how diligent the children are becoming at this task with all the children’s poems displayed by Friday!

215 216 219 220 223 224 227 228 231 232 235 236


213 214 217 218 221 222 225 226 229 230 233 234 237 238





The children worked in pairs to come up with as many adjectives as they could to describe Autumn. Once they had compiled a list they chose a topic associated with Autumn. A lot of the children based their poems on Halloween! 

194 195 196 197 198 199



Simile Sandwiches!

The children revised similes this month. They listened to a song compilation to identify the examples of similes they could hear. Afterwards the children created a simile sandwich in pairs using the parts of a sandwich to inspire them! 

200 201


During October we celebrated Space Week by working on group projects about each of the planets in our Solar System. The children were in mainly groups of three and had to work together to gather information and plan their project including how they would display their information and how they would present their project to the class. On the final day of Space week, the children presented their projects and displayed new skills in how they conducted the presentation. Well done to all of the children for working as a group to create these beautiful projects!

202 221222225226229230233234237238





The children worked in pairs to come up with as many adjectives as they could to describe Autumn. Once they had compiled a list they chose a topic associated with Autumn. A lot of the children based their poems on Halloween! 

194 195 196 197 198 199



Simile Sandwiches!

The children revised similes this month. They listened to a song compilation to identify the examples of similes they could hear. Afterwards the children created a simile sandwich in pairs using the parts of a sandwich to inspire them! 

200 201


During October we celebrated Space Week by working on group projects about each of the planets in our Solar System. The children were in mainly groups of three and had to work together to gather information and plan their project including how they would display their information and how they would present their project to the class. On the final day of Space week, the children presented their projects and displayed new skills in how they conducted the presentation. Well done to all of the children for working as a group to create these beautiful projects!

202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209


The children created some beautiful Andy Warhol inspired portraits this month. They really enjoyed creating the colourful portraits using pastels and put a huge amount of effort into their work.


240 243 244 247 248 251 252 255 256 259 260

241 242 245 246 249 250 253 254 257 258 261


The children completed lego portraits this month also during art to add to their collection of portraits for the month of Sepetember.

189 191188192






Class Projects!

Below are some of the beautiful projects the children worked on during the month of September. Each child was given a country to research at home and then in class created a display for their information before presenting it at the end of the week. Each child took part in the first presentation and although a little nervous, they all did extremely well and displayed all the hard work they had completed on their individual projects!

106 107 108 110 111 112 114 115109 113


Mine craft Portraits!

This month in Art we looked at portraits and different styles. The children created a Mine Craft inspired portrait on their chosen model. They turned out great and proved what a creative bunch the children of 6th class are!



Alex Nolan’s Marge Simpson Mine Craft Creation!
Mine craft inspired self portrait by Dylan

116 120 118 119 122


Place Value Stations!

The Following pictures display the children working at different maths stations

involving place value games!

Danny & Alex losing track of their dice!
Finley and Luca drawing at Place Value Card Game!

007 009 010 011 012 013 014 016 017 018

The next set of pictures involves the children working on 2d shapes maths stations, involving constructing a

2d shape individually and investigating lines of symmetry and playing a version of tic tac toe involving 2d shapes!


Evas star construction with added smiley faces!