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Aisling’s Senior Infant class!

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We started off the school year with getting to know our routines and adjusting to being Senior Infants! All of the children have settled in really well and enjoyed starting each day with morning activities to help both with gross and fine motor skills. 

In math’s we revised the numbers 0-10 with different activities including number bingo!


We began our first Aistear theme of the year ‘House and Homes’. The children engaged in different activities including dot painting their own homes, and playing in the role play area. 


In PE this month we are covering the games strand which helps with listening and co operation skills also. The children played, ‘head, shoulders, cone! game which was great fun!


One of the most engaging stations in Aistear was the construction station when the children used the Polydrons to build different types of houses including Skyscrapers!

The Arts and Crafts stations also allowed the children to construct lollipop stick houses and in the play dough station alot of the children made food for the kitchen in the homes. 



In Learn Together we looked at the celebration of Rosh Hashannah and the children got to taste one of their traditions at this time of year by dipping apples in honey!

During the last two weeks we concentrated more in our morning activities on fine motor skills including an activity involving making a tower with small glass which the children really enjoyed. 


In English this month we are revising our Jolly phonics along with some rhyming CVC words. The children enjoyed the activities around this and extended it further by writing the words out again when they had completed a card before they rubbed them out!

The last homes art activity was a group activity to cut and stick the different things we find in a home and discuss as a group where they go and why. The children worked well together and produced some lovely homes!

The children practised with playdough making the numbers 1-10 along with making the quantity needed also. 

The class began their Music session again this year with teacher Tracy and have remembered loads of the songs and actions from last year in junior infants!