The Board of Management of our school has 8 members:

  • Two are direct nominees by the Patron; Educate Together
  • Two are parents of children enrolled in the school, one mother and one father.  Elected every 4 years by ballot (held Dec 2011)
  • The Principal teacher
  • A teacher on the staff of the school elected by the staff vote
  • Two nominees from the wider community; unanimously agreed by the previous six members

The current Board of Management:

  • Patron Nominees: Liam Friel (Chair) and John Callaghan
  • School Principal: Catherine Sadlier
  • Staff Nominee: Laura Kavanagh
  • Parent Nominee: Stefan Schulmeistrat
  • Parent Nominee: Barbara Campbell
  • Community Nominees:  Suzanne Deery and To be confirmed

Role of the Board of Management

  • Manage the school and provide an appropriate education for each student
  • Act in accordance with legislation and policy
  • Uphold the Educate Together ethos
  • Consult and inform patron body
  • Publish policies
  • Be accountable S.18 Education Act (accounts and records)


Reports of Board Meetings

The Agreed Report of Board of Management meetings are available below.

BoM Agreed Report 14.12.2011

BoM Agreed Report 10.01.2012

BoM Agreed Report 07.02.2012

BoM Agreed Report 13.03.2012

BoM Agreed Report 17.04.2012

BoM Agreed Report 08.05.2012

BoM Agreed Report 12.06.2012

BoM Agreed Report 18.09.2012

BoM Agreed Report 09.10.12

BoM Agreed Report Nov and Dec 2012

BoM Agreed Report May 2013

Agreed report BOM Jan 14

Agreed minutes 11th Feb 2014

AGREED minutes 11th March 2014

AGREED BOM Minutes 2 April 2014

Agreed BOM Minutes 10 June 2014

AGREED Minutes 23 September 2014

AGREED Minutes 21 Oct 2014

Agreed BOM Minutes Dec 14 Jan 15

Agreed Minutes November, December 15, Jan 16 (1)..