Fighting Words Workshop

This week we went to the Fighting Words Centre in Glencree. The centre, founded by Roddy Doyle and Seán Love, offers creative writing workshops. We had a fantastic morning of writing and drawing, both collaboratively and independently, and even managed a snowball fight (which included ‘attacking’ Caoimhe with LOTS of snowballs!!)



Science Fair

The RDS Primary Science Fair 2018 was a very enjoyable and exciting day for the class! Thanks to all who came to visit for their help and support. The judges asked some pretty tough questions, but nothing the class weren’t able for! It was a fantastic experience and hopefully a memorable one too!!


We are all very excited about Christmas in 5th Class! So far, we’ve made our own snow globes as well as decorations for our very own Christmas tree!

Science Fair

We’re so excited to be participating in the RDS Primary Science Fair in January! We’re investigating if cows’ milk is the most popular type of milk consumed in Ireland. We’ve been working really hard preparing and creating experiments, analysing results and researching facts and information! It’s been great so far and there is still lots of work to be done and  fun to be had!! We hope you can pop down and see us in the RDS on January 13th!


Italy & The Romans

We were learning about Italy and the Romans in SESE in November! The class then made some super impressive projects!

Autumn Art


I was very excited to start in Greystones ETNS and meet my lovely new class! Looking forward to an exciting few months ahead!!