Science Week 2017

We have had a jam-packed week learning about Henry Ford and doing experiments.

On Monday we did an experiment to investigate the most absorbent material out of sponge, cotton, paper, paper towel, wool and plastic. Can you guess which one was the most absorbent?

20170213_143459 (1) 20170213_143507 (1) 20170213_143514

On Tuesday we built/designed a boat using only a piece of paper and/or sellotape. The challenge was to see which boat could carry the most cubes, the winning boat carried 166 cubes before it sank!!

20170214_143058 20170214_140227 20170214_140232 20170214_140303 20170214_140316 20170214_140947 20170214_141039 20170214_141219 20170214_141225 20170214_141344 20170214_141450 20170214_141519 20170214_141739 20170214_141759 20170214_142144 20170214_142229 20170214_142324

On Wednesday we did an experiment to find out which paper would make the best airplane; copier paper, newspaper, sugar paper and card. The airplanes were all thrown from the same position and the distance was measured using cubes.

20170215_143257 20170215_143323 20170215_143420 20170215_143614



During our topic on Food we did lots of different work in Art using different media to represent a still life.

20170112_142500 20170112_142446 20170112_142422

We started with sketching using pencil and oil pastel.


We then moved onto contrast by using charcoal on white paper and chalk on black paper.


Next we created a close-up collage of a piece of fruit.



Then we painted the still life and finally we used clay to make a 3D replica of the still life.

20170215_122242 20170215_122250 20170215_122259 20170215_122315



We have been learning all about Pattern in Maths. We used objects found in the classroom to make patterns.

20170208_101128 20170208_101202 20170208_101211 20170208_101238 20170208_101244 20170208_101258 20170208_101305 20170208_101314 20170208_101344 20170208_101353 20170208_101358 20170208_101412 20170208_101421 20170208_101450 20170208_101456 20170208_101511



We started the year learning about how to use nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to make our writing more interesting.




Learn Together

Thank you to all of you who donated food as part of our Harvest collection. The staff at Five Loaves in Bray were very pleased and grateful for the generosity shown by you all.

20161028_160322 20161028_160337 20161028_165308



In Maths we have been learning and discovering about number stories/number bonds for numbers up to 16. This is where the children find all the pairs of numbers to make a number. The children have used concrete aids, working in stations, to help them find all pairs and to prove their choice of number. In the photos you can see counters, Numicon and playdough. They have also used cubes and playing cards.

20161010_114417 20161010_114427 20161013_102958 20161013_103009 20161013_103018


The children have been working hard to remember when to use Capital Letters and Full Stops. They have also been learning about what makes a sentence a sentence. In he photos below they worked in pairs. They all had the same word bank but you can see how they all their words differently to  create sentences that made sense and had CLs and FS.

20161011_122653 20161011_122717 20161011_122744 20161011_122807 20161011_122815 20161011_122826 20161011_122845


We have been learning about Primary Colours and how they can be mixed to make Secondary Colours. We looked at Kandinsky’s use of colour to inspire the children to create their own circles which we compiled to make a Colour Tree.



We have a superhero called Violet Vocabulary who has come to help the children make their writing more exciting! She is helping the children to use Wow words in their writing. You can see some of the amazing sentences the children have written below.



As part of SPHE we have been learning, thinking and talking about Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets. The children came up with Growth Mindset statements which we will be using in class. These statements can be used in all areas of life and can help to develop a positive attitude to learning.



The children were given the brief of painting their home and the surrounding area. This is their first painting of 1st Class!



We have been using video as a stimulus for writing. This week’s video is called “Whistleless”. After we watch the video we create a Story Map and Step It Out. The children have taken home their own maps, but here is the class one in case they can’t remember all of it. Ask them to step it out for you!



In Gaeilge we are learning the song “Teidí Beag Álainn”. Here is the song from the book “Bróga Nua” le Áine Ní Shúilleabháin. You can sing it at home!

I nGaeilge táimid ag foghlaim an t-amhrán “Teidí Beag Álainn”.
Seo é an t-amhrán as an leabhar darb ainm “Bróga Nua” le Áine Ní Shúilleabháin. Can le chéile é sa bhaile!

Teidí Beag Álainn



We have been using the theme “My Sense of Self” in art. The children have created self-portraits in the style of Picasso using crayon and with collage using paper.

We have had a great start to the year so far and the children are doing really well to adjust to the longer day. We are looking forward to sharing all our wonderful work with you!