Welcome to the class page for Ciara’s Fifth class!!! Read on to hear about the wonderful learning and experiences we have in fifth class.


The class are going to participate in the 100 Word Challenge. This happens on a weekly basis where the children are given a prompt and are asked to write a piece using only 100 words. This is a long-established challenge and children across the world participate.

The idea behind the challenge is to promote writing, especially the idea of writing for purpose- the purpose here being that the children have an audience to write for, their writing will be read by teachers and by other participating children and the class themselves will have the opportunity to comment on the writing of others. The comments and the posts are moderated across every blog and the 100wc website.

We have discussed in class that the children will plan, draft and upload their piece as homework. If there any issues around logging on, commenting or saving and completing work just write me in a note in the journal and I will help in any way I can.

Have a look at the 100wc site to see what other children are writing- if you are unsure of anything or have any questions pop them in the Homework Diary. Children love to receive feedback on their writing, you can click the link to the writing of others and leave feedback for them. Doing this with your children will give you both a chance to see the style that others have and will help your children to improve their own writing.

This link takes you to the log-in page of our class 100wc blog, the children have the username and password which is unique to our class. Please remember to write your name in the title so I can identify you. Any unidentified work will not be published.



In class, we will aim to do a philosophy lesson each week. Usually, this will be an inquiry around a question a stimulus and a question the children themselves ask. Philosophy for children centres around giving the children tools to think, ask and answer questions using critical thinking skills. There are Four C’s of thinking, skills which they will develop over the year. They are caring. collaborative, critical and creative. To get us started on our philosophical journey the class had to first learn what constitutes a philosophical question. We did an activity called Question Quadrant, where the children had a photo (see below). They generated questions about the photo and then they had to classify them according to their type.

After, all that collaborative and critical work, we were left with three questions to take forward into our first inquiry. As you can see from the questions below there certainly was some critical thinking happening!


Long Multiplication

There will be lots of new learning in maths in fifth class, Long Multiplication is the first of many to come! The children all did very well with the new method of calculating but it something that will require regular practice for it to become a good habit. This link will take you a website with a short video if the method gets muddled at home. The children had a chance to use their problem solving skills coupled with their new method of calculation to do a case study in Maths.


Learn Together

As part of our Ethics and Environment learning we talked about ways in which we can protect our local environment, specifically our beach. The children made posters to help encourage people make good choices which will protect our environment.

As part of our Beliefs System learning we talked and learned about Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish festival to celebrate a new year. There a few traditions which we learned about that families will practice in celebration of Rosh Hashanah. One of them is dipping apples in honey to symbolise having a sweet new year.