The children worked together in pairs to create a factfile/poster of what they learned about Ancient Rome. They did this using Microsoft Word on the laptops. The use of a laptop trolley is new to us this year but it is a great way for the children to transfer skills and learn some new ones. Their work is published on a website which you can view if you follow the link below.

Ciara’s 5th Class



The Romans

The class made Roman buildings when we were learning about Ancient Rome. The projects were so amazing we felt e should hold a mini-museum to showcase the work. We had visitors from 1st and 4th class, it was great fun!




The class studied poems about Autumn and then rewrote and illustrated them before creating their own poems which they also illustrated. What a talented bunch!



In Science we have been learning about Matter; Liquid, Solids and Gas. The children arranged themselves as the particles in Solid , Liquid and Gas.



As part of our learning about the local ecosystem and hedgerows, both 5th classes went for a walk in MountKennedy Woods in Newtownmountkennedy. We had a lovely time and discovered lots of surprises including bamboo, sweet chestnuts and a caterpillar of a moth!



The children created Autumnal trees using tracing paper,colour and black paper. They look particularly effective displayed in the window.




What a scary bunch!


Maths Week 2017

Storm Ophelia did her best to prevent Maths Week from happening but we prevailed. One of the activities we participated in was to use a series of triangles and squares to make a new square. It was a version of a tangram. We made a Maths Trail for Tom’s 2nd class, we had great fun going around the school, solving clues to break the code and get a treat!



In October we learned about energy, its sources and how it is generated into electricity. We designed and created our own wind turbines and windmills.



The whole school took on their teachers- it’s fair to say the pupils won and the teachers (some of us…) need to work out more!



When learning about 2D shape we sorted the shapes according to specific properties including which type of symmetry, if any, they had. This was a bit challenging!



We learned about Pop Art and how Andy Warhol approached his paintings. We chose our own item and created a Warhol-esque piece.



In Maths we represented the place value of a number using place value markers.


Art and Learn Together

In our Learn Together curriculum we have been learning about Hinduism. The children worked together in groups to make our first big piece of collective art this year.



We started the year off learning about Place Value. The children used concrete materials to visually represent decimal numbers. Then we headed out to the  playground to order decimals from smallest to largest.



Welcome to 5th class!!!

I was very excited to welcome my wonderful new class today and I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and fun!!