School Tour 2018

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Third class had an amazing trip to Squirrel Scramble in Kilruddery this week.  We got to zipline along the tree tops and even got treated to some pizza afterwards!



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Conor’s 3rd class were exploring forces by looking at how we can move things easier.  This was also related to our study of Henry Ford in History.  The class experimented many different ways to move our note books.  This week we also began using coding to create stories by using the programme Scratch!


Fun With Paper Helicopters

3rd Class are currently learning about gravity in Science.  We recently tested different types of paper helicopters to examine if size, weight and surface area effects the pull of gravity!




Conor’s class had terrific fun on Friday looking at the paintings of Van Gogh and his use of swirls.  We used his Starry Starry Night painting to inspire Winter themed Snowman paintings/pastel drawings!