We have had a great time getting to know each other since September. We are having so much fun learning and growing together. Here are some of our new experiences.

We had so much fun learning about Space and all the planets in the Solar System.

We went to all the plants in our Space Shuttle and we even helped fix the International Space Station.

We looked through catalogues to create a shopping list. Then we went on a trip to Lidl. The excitement never stops in Junior Infants. 

Another Aistear theme that we looked at was The Clothes Shop 
In our Learn curriculum we were looking at bible stories. As a group project the three Junior Infants got together to create Noahs Ark. 
We have been busy with our Jolly Phonics this term, as we have nearly finished all our single sounds we played hand on games and activities to continue the learning. 
It was great fun working with Aoife’s 4th class on a Science Experiment for Science Week. We made boats from different materials. We called them Friendships. 
As we get ready for Christmas we were super excited to see the Sam Maguire Cup come to our class 
In January we looked at Van Gough and his famous painting ‘Starry Night’. We looked at the swirls and colours he used and then we created our own interpretations.

We looked at ‘People who help us in our Community’ in Aistear. We were so lucky to have the community Gardaí come in and talk to us about road safety. We also looked at mechanics and a mechanic came in to talk to us and brought a vintage car!!! Such excitement

In our Learn curriculum this month we looked at different disabilities and completed a picture closing our eyes and using only our hands and hearing to draw a picture.

In February we looked at mixing colours.
We completed a scientific experiment with vinegar, bicarbonate soda, food colour and our own hand made volcanoes!!!
We even completed an experiment using cola, fizz and mentos

The fun discoveries never stop in Junior Infants


This month we have been looking at Spring and the change in weather and the animals that appear after hibernation. We were so lucky to pay a visit to the Mermaid Theatre to see the coming of Spring. The three Junior Infants classes had so much fun!!

Preparing for the show

We we had a fantastic time with Aoife’s 4th class during Engineers week. We completed an experiment with uncooked pasta and marshmallows to see who could make the tallest tower.

Our Beach Trip

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to the beach to build sand castles and play in the sand.

We had so much fun!!!