Welcome to Fiona’s Junior Infant Class


We have had a few amazing months in Junior Infants. With this beautiful weather we have been able to get outside and learn about shadows, hands-on maths eyes activities, reading stories and many more. We have been learning about garden centers, the farm and under the sea in Aistear. We have also been quite busy watching the life-cycle of the butterfly in our classroom.

Our butterflies are free













Laura’s 4th class helped us paint Toucans












Garden Centers: Planting herbs and grass and watching them grow.




Even though it’s been snowing the last few days. I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow !

We have been working very hard in Junior Infants.

We participated in Energy Saving week where a speaker came into our class to talk about the importance of saving energy in the home. We also talk about walking to school on Wednesday.


We worked in a doctors surgery, a vets clinic and an opticians. We learned so much in our Aistear Hour.

We have had great adventures
this term and we are looking
forward to even more in the
New Year!!!! 

Thankyou so much for coming to see us in our play. We had so much fun!

Science Week in Junior Infants. We paired up with Tom’s class to complete an experiment. We made helicopters and then dropped them from different heights. We noticed that the smaller helicopter’s were faster.
See them twist and turn

A super fun experience, we even got to bring them home and continue the fun.

We read the story Owl Babies, then we made owl baby pictures with cotton wool and card.

During Aistear we talked about the Supermarket and what healthy food we can put into our trollies.
Our Aistear Adventures!

For even more Aistear activities come see our Aistear Journey Book outside our classroom!