Welcome to

Jacqui’s first class!

Halloween in First Class!

We all dressed up and played loads of games!



Our Portraits

Children painted each other.

And then they made self-portraits inspired by Picasso

Our Autumn wall: We made bats, hedgehogs, pumpkins and lots of leaves.

Maths week was so much fun!!

Each group created a magic place made entirely of 2D shapes: Triangle Town, Circle City, Square Street and Rectangle road.


Here are the descriptions the children came up with!

Triangle Town:

We used rectangles for:

  • the spikes on the hedgehog and his ears,
  • our school,
  • dogs,
  • houses,
  • People who looked like robots,
  • Elephants in the circus,
  • Big rectangular clouds,
  • Birds with rectangular beaks and eyes,
  • The wheels on the cars won’t move!
  • The roads had rectangular signs.
  • There were houses and food bowls for pets and hedgehogs.

By Muireann, Zoe, Bastien, Marcus, Emily and Mulham

Circle City

We used circles to make

  • Cars, houses and
  • The people are chubby and they can roll around.
  • They eat cookies, pizza, oranges, apples and cake.
  • The cars can move because they have circular wheels
  • The books and photos are circles
  • The chairs are roundy
  • They have no knives
  • The houses roll away unless they are hammered into the floor!
  • They have no forks so they have to use spoons.

By: Sharvani, Mila, Calum, Ross, Eliza, Eloi

Triangle Town

We used triangles for mountians, toys, toilets

  • The people look like they have dresses and party hats on.
  • They eat carrots, slices of pizza and cake, ice-cream.
  • The cars can’t move anywhere.
  • Nails are very pointy
  • The sun and moon are triangles.
  • Sky scrapers are weird because they look like diamonds
  • The country is triangular
  • Everything is sharp and pointy.
  • The clouds and lightning are triangles
  • The houses are fine but the beds are hard to sleep in.

By: Misha, Zenon, Willow, Matthew, Chloe and Cathal

Square Street

  • We used squares for houses, ice cubes, signs and books.
  • The people are all robots.
  • They eat squares of chocolate, candy cushions, brownies,
  • square boxes of chocolates, ice cubes and sandwiches cut into quarters.
  • The tables are square.
  • Everything looks like it is in Minecraft.
  • The cars can’t drive.
  • The houses stay in their places.
  • The knives aren’t very sharp.
  • The whiteboards and paper are all square.
  • Walls are all the same size.
  • You can’t write because you can only draw squares.
  • There are square squirrels who eat square nuts.

By: Zane, Caoimhe, Arieh, Jan, Max and Lucy



We had great fun making tangrams and then making shapes with them during Maths week!

Our experiment to see if celery is still alive showed some interesting results!

We have been learning about hedgehogs and made these little cuties out of clay and matchsticks.

We have been learning about fair trade. We found packaging containing the fair trade logo at home and when we were shopping. Coffee, bananas and chocolate can all be fair trade.

We played this dice game. It wasn’t fair. All the people who were ‘green’ won and the blues lost. This was because there were more blue spaces to colour so it took longer. It was very unfair!

This is our beautiful new classroom. It used to be the library and a resource room, so we got to keep the couch!

We take turns looking after the plants.

Every person in our class is different and very special.

 We work really well in groups!