Welcome to Caoimhe’s Class!

Christmas Party

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to finish my year with this incredible class! Our Christmas party with pjs and hot chocolate, games and gifts was pure magic – Christmas morning came twice this year! A huge thank you to every boy and girl and all the parents for such a great year so far and your huge generosity with me! Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a jolly new year!!!  

Is Kate having a Boy or Girl!? 

My lovely and caring class made some predictions today on whether I am having a baba boy or girl and gave me some great name suggestions! 


We investigated magnets this week and discussed the north and south pole of magnets. They investigated to see what objects and materials are magnetic and then were set the challenge of designing a fishing game using magnets.

House Projects

The house projects presented last week were INCREDIBLE!! Huge well done to everyone for making such creative projects… We had lots of visiting admirers to the classroom.


We had a brilliant science week with lots of super investigations and experiments! As well as learning about electricity, we attempted to make slime, identified and categorised items as transparent, translucent or opaque, tracked the progress of flowers left in food dye and transferring water from one pot to another with tissue. Also Laura’s 4th class showed us how to make our own explosions! Finally we finished the week dressing up as all things science related! 



We have been defining – what is electricity? and what do we use electricity for in our homes? Then, we are taking a closer look at the two types of electricity – firstly static electricity! We rubbed a balloon against our hair and our sleeves and investigated what materials the static balloon could pick up! Next we looked at current electricity. We investigated making circuits with conductible play doh.

Houses and Homes

Our theme this month is houses and homes. We have had a super month designing our own dream homes, after looking some funny houses, designing and naming the rooms inside our homes, recognising different types of homes and looking at homes from different places around the world. We have definitely been utilising our cooperation skills for a tallest structure challenge, not to mention our class house build. Big thanks to Tadhg’s dad Michael for coming in to talk to us all about some of his designs and inspecting our house!


We have been learning about cooperation in this months Learn programme and putting our cooperation skills to the test with lots of fun games and challenges, such as pass the hula hoop and bench ordering!


This month in P.E. we have been learning some hockey skills and practicing drills.


To celebrate Halloween and help teacher Kate pick her costume, we had a good giggle at dressing up teacher Kate! Check out some of the costumes below. We took park in a Halloween Costume Parade and lots of us went to the school disco!

We have been reading George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl and created our own potions:

Bat Projects

We have been learning about bats this month. They each made their own project and presented it to the class. Everyone had something different about bats to tell us!


There has been quite a few birthdays already! Wishing a HUGE happy birthday to Lua, Ella, Kaia, Tadhg, Liam, Kimberly and Oliver!

Show and Tell

We are taking turns having show and tell every day and bringing in some super interesting things to show the class and talk about.. such as Tadhg’s mammoth tooth coming all the way from Canada. What an extraordinary show and tell! Thanks Tadhg!

Maths Week

To celebrate Maths Week, 6th class lead us on a math’s trail around the school …

Early Intervention – Maths Fun!

Teachers Aran, Gráinne and Claire have been joining Kate’s class every week for some super fun Maths stations … check out some of our activities: peg addition, tower blocks, numicon, ladybird playdoh numbers, patterns and peg patterns, set work and lego operations!

National Fitness Day

We had a lot of fun for this year’s National Fitness Day. The theme this year was Take on the Teachers! 1st and 2nd classes challenged and took on the teachers for various games including: penalties, basket-ball, races, throwing and lastly, tug of war!!


Counting People!

duine amháin








We looked into the life and inspirations of artist Wassily Kandinsky alongside learning about the colour wheel. We started with the primary colours – red, yellow and blue and discovered how to create secondary colours – orange, green and purple.

Self Portraits

To help us get to know each other, examine ourselves and then describe our unique features, we created our own self portraits! We paired them with creative displays of our names. They did an incredible job! Come and meet the 1st class gallery!