to Kate’s Junior Infants

Important Days:

Music: Monday morning first thing

PE: Mondays and Wednesdays

Toy Day: Fridays!


Mechanics open for business! Another group of people who help us is our local mechanics. What an important job they do… we explored the different parts of a car, how they service and fix cars. We even had a very special visitor Ryan with his very special racer car. We got to look at all its features, the engine in the back and he then showed us lots of tools he uses every day. It was very exciting!

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Number 5

We have now gone through numbers 1 – 5 … we spent time practising writing it in sand, painting it, matching objects to it, making 5 with playdough! We are 5 experts now!!

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Garda Station

In January we opened a classroom Garda station. We talked about the role of the Garda in our communities and all the ways they help us. We even got a visit from our community Garda Maria. 

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Christmas Aistear

The build up to Christmas was very exciting – we started December with a Pixie Post Office and then it transformed into Santa’s Workshop, where they had to design toys, build and fix them and then finally wrap them up ready for Santa! Another favourite station this season was decorating our class Christmas tree, they all worked together to make link chains and even made stars and their own decorations. Building and creating train tracks and Santa’s grotto was also so much fun and took over the whole classroom!

Sam Maguire

We were so lucky to get a visit from the Sam Maguire Cup!


Waterproof Testing

We had a visit from Marissa the Mermaid who lost some scales on her tail. We needed to go through lots of materials to find one to cover up and protect her scales. It was a big investigation but we did it!

Clothes Shop

Next up, clothes shops were open for business! They all loved browsing the rails and trying on clothes with the latest fashions. They became designers and had to draw out their favourite outfits, use materials to make a piece of clothing and also try building items of clothing using Lego, very challenging! They also each made their very own tie dye t-shirts and had great fun trying to perfect their designs.


During the month of November, Junior Infants were learning about Shopping Centres in Aistear.

To begin, each of the junior infants opened their own class supermarkets. They perused Lidl catalogues, built their own supermarkets with Lego and made fabulous junk art creations of cash registers, trolleys and all things supermarket related! To top it off, we had our very first class trip to Lidl. Each class took part in a supermarket hunt and we are happy to report they are now shopping experts! Big thank you to all the parents that accompanied us.


To finish off our Athletic strand in PE, we took part in athletic stations, using all of our new skills – jumping, sprinting, throwing, running, hopping and balance.. Check us out!


We have also starting working hard on the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 … we have been making lots of sets and practicing writing each number. We even made the numbers with our bodies in PE! Crazy for numbers!



We have been working hard on our Maths patterns this month… here we are creating patterns with links, peg boards, with teddies, on the board, creating patterned caterpillars and with cubes! Phew!

Halloween Crafts

We were so lucky to have Harvey’s mama Blanaid come visit us to make some super yummy edible Halloween treats! She showed us how to make witches brooms, ghosts and skeleton hands! Big thank you for being so generous… we loved it!

Halloween Aistear

Aistear for Halloween has been our best yet… We had a potion lab, where the witches and wizards had to measure and mix terrrrrible ingredients such as brains, eyeballs, spiders and worms! We made capes for our witches and wizards. In small world, we went trick or treating among some ghouly characters! We got potion writing… thinking up what we would like our potions to do and the ingredients to make it work was great fun. And of course, we got creating our potions … again with unicorn feathers, flowers, spiders, worms, slugs … I hope no one will be made drink it over Halloween!! 

Potion Explosion!

We have had so much fun in the lead up to Halloween. Seeing as we are now potion making experts, we tried to make our potions explode! And explode they did!! Such fun…

Gross Motor

We are really working our gross motor skills all the time… in the mornings, we work with tweezers, laces, cutting, beading and lots more. We have also had time on the big boards using chalks and water to make anti-clockwise circles (practice before writing letters such as c, a etc!)


In PE this month we have been working on our Athletic skills. We have been practicing running, sprinting and our starting positions. We have also mixed it up and tried out some crazy starting positions!! Check us out!