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Welcome to Laura’s amazing 4th Class’ update page


Important Days:











Toy Day/Golden Time



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Theme of the month:

Image result for german flagGermany

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The Berlin Wall:

We learned a lot of information about the Berlin Wall. We found it really interesting and were shocked to hear about the lives of many people in some parts of Germany at the time. We found inspiration from many of the graffiti images painted on the Western side of the Berlin Wall and designed blocks representing freedom and unity.

Christmas Market Art:

We designed Christmas Market stalls as part of a group art project.


Step 1 was drawing the stalls and inserting all the fine details.


Step 2 was painting the stalls.


Step 3 was completing the roof and voilá!


Germany Mini Projects

We researched different German topics in pairs and created some visual  learning posters.

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Theme of the month:

The Arctic

ICT Presentations



French Class with Templecarrig Students


Arctic Artwork:

Report Writing:

Tom Crean, Ernest Shackleton, The Arctic, Arctic Animals…


Maths: 3D Shapes

Science Week:

Making Goop

Exploding Bag with Kate’s 1st Class


Gravity Cups


Science Week Posters

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Theme of the month:


ICT: Research


Maths Stations with Aran


Mental Health Awareness Day


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Theme of the month:

Me, Myself and I


National Fitness Day


Art: Personalised Pinch Pots


Science STEM: Egg Parachute



Maths: Hard at Work!

Science: Making Glittery Playdoh