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to Laura’s 6th Class


Important Days:

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays (GAA)

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We completed our study of John Boyne’s ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. Have a look at some of the work we did:

Science Week:

We buddied up with Tom’s lovely 2nd class to carry out the Gravity Cup experiment.

We did science stations as part of Science Week. Have a look at some of the experiments we carried out:



We had a lovely bricfeasta and chatted as Gaeilge.

Crazy Hair Day:

Our lovely Mallaidh organised a Crazy Hair Day for her brother Danny.


Our theme this month is World War II. We have been learning all about how the war began and some of the key events that occurred during the period.


We created these one page powerpoint presentations after learning all about The Blitz. We inserted backgrounds, text boxes and shapes, experimented with font sizes and types and created these wonderful, informative posters.


We worked with paint, charcoal and pencil to create these World War II soldiers.


We painted these fantastic night scenes of the London Blitz.



We have been reading ‘the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ this month. We did a comparative study in groups of the two homes that Bruno has described.

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Our theme this month was Romans. We created fantastic Powerpoint presentations on various aspects of Roman culture and history and presented them to the class. We also created worksheets to accompany our Powerpoints.

Have a look at some of the fantastic Roman buildings we constructed for homework:

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Gaeilge Stations:

We have been playing some well known games as Gaeilge such as Go Fish, Guess Who, Jenga and Connect 4. We are trying to use as much Gaeilge as we can and we are really enjoying it!


We worked collaboratively to come up with these class rules based on the Code of Behaviour and various policies in place in our school. As 6th class, we are going to lead by example this year and be great role models for the younger classes.

The contract outlines the following:

  1. Use appropriate language
  2. Be Positive
  3. Respect people whether you like or dislike them
  4. Set a good example to the younger students
  5. Think before you act
  6. Respect the Dress Code
  7. Have fun
  8. Follow the Healthy Eating policy
  9. Use kind hands and feet
  10. Be kind


We created this lovely display to encourage other classes to follow our lead when it comes to bullying…

Learn Together

We created these Lego self-portraits as part of the ‘Sense of Self’ Learn Together topic.