Our Learn Together Program

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Ethical Education is taught in place of religious instruction in all Educate Together primary schools. We are particularly proud of our Learn Together program here at GETNS, as it has been developed through consultation and collaboration with the whole school. It is also a flexible program which enables us to add and remove learning content in order to cater for our ever-growing and changing school community and, indeed, our global community.

The Learn Together Program is taught under four strands:

–          Moral and Spiritual Development

–          Equality and Justice

–          Belief Systems

–          Ethics and the Environment

During each term, the children are taught across all four learning areas. We take a whole-school approach to this program, meaning that children are learning about the same topics, at a similar time, at appropriate levels. Our Learn Together program is taught in a Year A and Year B format, in line with the Primary School Curriculum, which is also taught over a two year period.

The objective of Ethical Education in our school is to instil in our pupils a sense of self, a sense of community, a sense of belonging and an understanding, respect and appreciation of our global community, environment and belief systems.

Helen McClelland, Deputy Principal, coordinates the Learn Together program in our school. Please contact the office to make an appointment with her if you would like to discuss any aspect of the program, or if you would like to make a suggestion.

Thank you.


Month Strand Topic
September Moral Uniqueness/ Similarities/ Differences
Equality and Justice Class Rules/ Code of Behaviour
Ethics and the Environment Healthy Eating /Body
Belief Systems Key Figures – Hinduism
October Moral Happiness – link to anti bullying – What is happiness? Class to define and display
Equality and Justice Empathy
Ethics and the Environment Fairtrade
Belief Systems Muslim – Eid – ul Fitr
November Moral Freedom vs Responsibility – Introduction to concept of freedom and link to responsible behaviour
Equality and Justice Cooperation
Ethics and the Environment Irish Woodland creatures
Belief Systems Shinto
December Moral Honesty
Equality and Justice Respect and Responsibilities – how to be a responsible citizen – a responsible citizen of our school and wider community
Ethics and the Environment Rights Day
Belief Systems Buddhism – The story of Buddha
Christmas around the world – choose one place linked to your class nationalities.
January Moral Green Schools –transport
Equality and Justice Martin Luther Day
Ethics and the Environment Food miles
Belief Systems Humanism
February Moral Mindfulness
Equality and Justice Inclusion
Ethics and the Environment Fairtrade – link to food miles. Fair trade fortnight (23 Feb – 8 March)
Belief Systems Mohammad’s Birthday
March Moral Values
Equality and Justice Democracy
Ethics and the Environment Endangered Species – Pandas
Belief Systems Judaism – The Passover
April Moral Worry
Equality and Justice Gender
Ethics and the Environment Tree Week
Belief Systems Naming Ceremonies
May Moral Kindness
Equality and Justice World Turtle Day
Ethics and the Environment Hygiene
Belief Systems Humanism
June Moral Perseverance/Commitment
Equality and Justice Whole School – Amnesty/Friendship Day
Ethics and the Environment Growth and Change in the garden
Belief Systems Wedding ceremonies