LATEST! The construction team and DES have confirmed today (8/10/2013) that there will be a one week delay in receiving the keys. This is due to unfinished work within the building.

We will now receive the keys on the 18th. The previously communicated schedule will be followed exactly – the same activities on the same weekdays – but one week on. Our first full day will be 24th October.

We are so excited to be starting in our new permanent home!

Latest pictures of the interior! Nearly there!

Description of New Building

The building is 3 stories high at the Lidl end of the site, and one story high at the Gaelscoil end. The Gaelscoil end of the school is the main entrance, the special needs unit and playground, and where the carpark and bus drop off area will be.  When you enter this floor, you are on the top floor of the school.

One floor down is only slightly smaller than the top floor.  About half way down is the School hall. This is a double height space, only accessed from this middle floor.

At the Lidl end there is a further lower level. This is quite small, and is likely to contain the library.

Between the school building and the fencing at the Lidl end are the hard surface playgrounds.

Next to the School hall area, between the school and the stream with trees, is the Juniors playground.

We will have an outdoor classroom also – this is to the right of the Gaelscoil behind the treeline. We hope to share the playing fields with the secondary school.

The carpark is the minimum number required by the department, and will only have parking for staff. A drop-off zone for the bus and other drivers will be in place, but no parking will be possible.

A pelican (push button and wait) crossing will be built between the school and Lidl – which should make crossing into the school much easier and safer.


Stewart, the construction company, kindly provided us with two images of what the building will look like.  They also provided us with a Mood Board which shows all the internal finishes – walls, floors, doors, everything! Click any image for a larger view.

Planning Permissions and Conditions

You can view all the building drawings here:

There are prints of key planning drawings up on the noticeboard.

Planning Permission was notified on 20th December 2012, and the grant date was 29th January 2013.

The plan is for a three storey split level school building comprising of 16 classrooms, general purpose hall, servery, library / resource room, offices, staff areas, set rooms, 2 class base special needs unit, central activities space, multi sensory room, sanitary and ancillary accommodation with a total floor area of c3125 sqm.

Proposed site works include the alteration and construction of new internal site vehicular access / exit to Greystones Educate Together School from the existing access road including new set down area and provision for 26 carparking spaces.

The overall site area will be landscaped with grass / planted areas and complete with new boundary treatment, including security fencing. Further site works include the installation of an ESB sub station, new pedestrian cross to Blacklion Manor public road and ancillary site works.

To view the plan, permission and conditions attached please click on the link supplied above.


Here are some progress pictures:


One of the students has been keeping track of progress week by week:

8th February 2013

This Is The First Week Of Work Being Done On The New Greystones Educate Together Building
They Have Started Off With Removing The Grass And Levelling Out The Ground

22nd February 2013

Today They Are Still Levelling The Ground
They Are Also Measuring The Area
Trucks Are Coming And Going Delivering Supplies Too

1st March 2013
Today They Are Covering Up The Earth With Stones
Starting To Put Together A Frame
They Have Also Built A Proper Entrance To The School

8th March 2013

This Week The Builders Are Using A Machine
Around The Place That Measures Underground
They Have Also Completed The Different Levels

15th March 2013

Currently They Are Working On Placing Pipes Under Where The School Will Be
And Also Laying Foundations

22nd March 2013

This Week There Have Been Many Giant Cranes
To Help The Builders Lift Items
Today They Are Preparing The Concrete Moulds

12TH APRIL 2013

There is going to be a corridor and a gp hall built between the gaelscoil AND OUR OLD SCHOOL