We have started Playworks at GETNS!

We believe in the power of Play!

What is Playworks?

Playworks is a primary school based programme designed to improve break times for children and teachers. Playworks creates inclusive environments for play and physical activity both within and beyond the school day to build empathy, increase learning and improve behaviour, with research showing essential benefits to child development, an improved school climate and more focused students. Break time is designed to become a more active and inclusive experience for all students.

Playworks presents a fun, simple and effective way to ensure children in your school are getting the most from break time!

What’s actually happening?

5th class are currently leading 4 games between the junior and senior yard ..


Junior Yard: BOMB

1st & 2nd Class Yard: BOMB, skipping and Ants on a Log


Junior Yard: Duck Duck Goose

First Class/ 2nd Class Yard: Four Square & Snatch the Bacon (Turnip)

Senior Yard: Ro Sham Bo

Children can come join in the games during yard at any time.

5th Class are doing a wonderful job encourages players, leading fair play and practicing positivity with lots of high – fives and ro-sham-bo. At the end of yard, the children line up with their classes and part-take in a short cool-down from yard. 

We are also learning the playworks chants and cheers… check them out here …


Tell us about Ro-Sham-Bo…

 Otherwise known as rock-paper-scissors… Building a play culture that acknowledges the arbitrariness of most conflicts and provides a simple, playful tool for addressing them, ultimately makes it easier for kids to recognize and address more serious conflicts through other conflict resolution techniques