Science CLub HEading


Welcome to Greystones Educate Together’s first Science Club.

Here you will get a glimpse of what we get up to.



In our 2nd term this year in Science Club we were very busy with new experiments.


1. Cleaning Dirty Water

2. Walking Water

3. Bottle Xylophone

4. A Simple Extinguisher

5. How Strong are Eggshells

6. Exploding Lunch Bags

7. Surface Tension

8. Oil and Water Mixing




DSC01590 DSC01591 DSC01592 DSC01593 DSC01595 DSC01596 DSC01594 DSC01597 DSC01598 DSC01599 DSC01600 DSC01601 DSC01602 DSC01666 DSC01667 DSC01669 DSC01668 DSC01670 DSC01679 DSC01678 DSC01673 DSC01672 DSC01671





Week 5

Our last week of Science Club

Our focus this week was “Living Things”

We learned all about the heart from a PowerPoint then we got lamb’s hearts to look at and dissect.

We had to first find the vena cava, aorta, pulmonary artery and the pulmonary vein with our hands.

Next we got to cut open the heart and find the 4 chambers of the heart; right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle and left ventricle.

It was a messy experiment but a fun one, we loved it!

DSC01542 DSC01543 DSC01544 DSC01545 DSC01546 DSC01547 DSC01548 DSC01549 DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01552 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0306 IMG_0307

Week 4

1. We made rainbow spinners this week, we wanted to see colours mix together when they spin.

2. We made more rockets this week as we had so much fun last week.

Battery went dead on the camera so we have not that many photos this week.

DSC01373 DSC01374 DSC01375 DSC01381 DSC01380 DSC01379 DSC01378 DSC01376

Week 3

Our focus this week in Science Club was “Design and Make”

1. Surface Tension, we created bubbles using washing up liquid and straws.

2. We made catapults using lollipop sticks, plastic spoons and elastic bands.

3. Make the dogs tail wag, this in an energy and forces experiment, we had to make dogs and use paper fasteners to make the dogs tail wag.

4. Paper Soccer Ball and Straws Game, we had to design and make soccer balls and then use straws to score goals with them.

5. We made rockets (plastic bottles) and a rocket launcher and went out to the yard and filled the bottles with water and pumped air into them to launch them up into the air. We had a competition to see who could get the highest rocket.


DSC01479 DSC01480 DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01483 DSC01484 DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01487 DSC01488 DSC01489 DSC01494 DSC01495 DSC01496 DSC01497 DSC01498 DSC01499 DSC01500

Week 2

Our focus this week was “Energy and Forces”.

1. We looked at how magnets attract and we made magnet trials that we used with magnets and paper clips.

2. We made spiral snake spinners and looked at how heat from a radiator can make it spin.

3. We made acrobatic clowns and used different materials like plasticine and coins to make the clowns balance on our noses.

4. We used sparkling water to make raisins dance.

5. We investigate force of toy cars on different materials, we tested out cars on paper, card, bubble wrap etc. The toy car had to go down a wooden slope and on to the material. We predicted first to guess what material would work best, then we tested and measure the distance the cars went.

6. Floating and Sinking Experiment, using playdough we made boats to see who could make the best boat that would float and not sink.

DSC01218 DSC01221 DSC01232

DSC01160 DSC01213 DSC01212 DSC01211 DSC01209 DSC01210 DSC01215 DSC01216 DSC01214 DSC01219 DSC01222 DSC01223 DSC01224 DSC01230 DSC01229 DSC01228 DSC01226 DSC01225 DSC01231 DSC01233 DSC01234 DSC01235 DSC01236 DSC01239 DSC01238 DSC01237



First Week -Week 1

Our focus this week was “Materials”, and how materials change, and what materials work best to make bridges and helicopters.

1. We made bridges from different materials.

2. We looked at how heat can effect materials, can the heat of our hand melt chocolate and ice cubes.

3. We made rice krispies buns to investigate how materials change.

4. We made goop (slime).

5. We used baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon.

6. We made helicopters from paper and cardboard to see what material worked best to make the helicopters fly.


DSC01161 DSC01162 DSC01163 DSC01164 DSC01170 DSC01169 DSC01168 DSC01167 DSC01166 DSC01165 DSC01171 DSC01172 DSC01173 DSC01174 DSC01175 DSC01176 DSC01177 DSC01178