Welcome to 1st Class!!

This page will give updates from both Emma’s and Kate’s classes. Follow our classroom adventures here and on Seesaw!

We have been very busy in Term 1 … here are some of the highlights …


We did manage to keep some festive spirits and have a magical last day of school… 1st Class wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Winter Art

We got creative this month with lots and lots of festive painting and crafts… check out a few from Emma’s class below.

House Projects!

We were blown away by the amazing efforts made by 1st class! The best thing was that each project was so different and creative… it was astounding to see all the ideas together and we got to have a fantastic exhibition for everyone to enjoy! Well done 1st class!

What Time is it?

We were learning about time in Maths this month and we made our own clocks! Try asking them what time is it!