Welcome to 4th Class!!

  • Parent Teacher Meetings – 28th of November to 9th December
  • The Grinch Christmas Performance – Wednesday 14th December @ 2pm
  • Christmas Panto – Thursday 15th December
  • Christmas Holidays – 12:30 Finish Wednesday 21st December


First of all when we went in, we saw a longship. Then we went down the stairs and went in a viking house and after that we saw a man on a toilet! We found out that they used moss as toilet paper. We gathered around a mini map of Dublin in the Viking era. We saw slaves on a boat, people with the black death and then an even bigger model of Dublin during the Viking era. Then we watched an 8 minute long movie. We had a great time.

Liam and Aaron.

Avondale Athletic Event

When we arrived at Avondale, we saw lots of schools competing. Then after 10 minutes of waiting, we lined up and got ready to run. Then they blew the whistle and we went off running. We had to run 2k and near the end we got really tired. Then at the very end, we sprinted through the finish line. We all lined up and collected our medals. If you came in the top six, you got a participation medal and a medal for coming in the top six. Once we finished the race and we got our medals. We had some lunch and a big gulp of water. We had a really god time and thats our trip to Avondale!

– Emma and Zaara (Kate’s 4th Class)

Viking Projects

Kate’s Class creating Picasso style Pictures!

Australia Projects

Creative Play Time

Maths Week – Space Stations with Senior Infants!

Baby Chicks Finally Hatch!

Hip Hop dancing with visiting teacher Kallai from America!

Avondale Races

Congratulations to our fantastic girls representing 4th Class in the Avondale Races!

Sponsored Walk!

Introducing some members of Kate’s 4th Class!