The Board of Management wish to thank all parents and guardians of Greystones Educate Together National School for their flexibility and understanding around the below schedule and logistical plan.

Please note that the GETNS campus should not be entered by anyone over 13 years of age who is not wearing a mask, unless they are unable to do so for medical reasons. If this is the case, please let the office know so we can assist you.

Thank you, all.

Arrival and departure procedures for children and parents:

  • Parents/Guardians are kindly requested to arrive on time for leaving in and collecting their child. Time keeping is paramount in order for our logistical plan to work. So thank you all, in advance, for this.
  • We request that only parents or carers who are well and have no symptoms of COVID-19, or who have served the required quarantine time of 14 days where advised, are to drop off and collect children.
  • Any parent who is in a high risk category should not drop off or collect children in order to protect themselves. (This of course is at the discretion of the individual parent/carer/grandparent) but we would highly recommend that you make alternative arrangements where possible or to contact the school principal for support in safeguarding your own health. For example, if a parent is in a high risk category, the principal will try to offer an alternative drop off/ collection procedure to limit your exposure to others. Please email FAO ‘Helen McClelland’ to if you have a concern around this.
  • Staggered arrival times and collection times may be put in place where necessary. These times are also subject to change at late notice.
  • If parental accompaniment is requested past the school gate, these parents are kindly asked to proceed immediately to their child’s Line Up area. All people over the age of 13 entering the school grounds are required to wear a face covering and we sincerely thank you for facilitating this request.
  • We strongly request that no adults linger in the yard area after children have been left at their line.
  • If a parent has more than one child, please travel together as a family unit to your various drop off points, leaving the children with the latest drop off point to last.
  • Home times will be staggered for classes- please see table above for your child’s specific class arrangements.
  • All adults and children are required to leave the yard immediately after collection time.
  • Unless a prior arrangement has been made, for a specific purpose, with management, unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents or guardians to enter the school building at any time. Visitor safety measures will be required to be followed in accordance with our Risk Assessment plan. Thank you for your understanding of this.
  • At arrival and departure times of children, social distancing is to be maintained by children, parents. and staff members,
  • Please do no gather/ mix in groups with parents/ children/ staff members from other class levels
  • Markings on the ground will advise as to safe waiting zones.