By working on ideas and materials similar  to the Bronze Age with fifth and sixth classes we would hope that they will be aware of their inheritance.  There is evidence of man living in the Greystones area from the Neolithic period right up to the present day.

The excavation in Charlesland between 2002 and 2004, uncovered eighteen archaeological sites dating from the Neolithic (4,000 – 2,400 BC) to the medieval period (800 – 1,400 AD). The main archaeological evidence, however, points to extensive settlement in the Middle to Late Bronze Age.

The most interesting find was parts of a wind musical instrument. This is an example of  the oldest wooden wind instrument in Europe. The “Wicklow Pipes” are straight yew wood tubes that may form a kind of large pan pipe. A carbon dating test placed them at 2167±30 BCE (carbon dating age 4170±30 years).

burnt-mound-trough Wicklow pipes