Bus Eireann Service

  • The Bus Eireann service is a private service agreement between parents/guardians and Bus Eireann. If you have signed your child up for this service, Bus Eireann will be able to assist you with information regarding pick up and drop off points which are pre-agreed as part of your sign-up process with them. 
  • Although we have staggered class start times and finish times as part of our ‘Covid19 Response Plan’, the bus will arrive at our school to drop the children at 9.10. If your child’s class has an earlier start time, please do not be concerned.  This time is known as the ‘assembly’ time of the day and no core subjects will be taught at this time. If your child has a later start time, they, will be cared for until their class time begins. The same applies for the final ‘dismissal’ time of the day. When the bus arrives, the children will disembark and go to a clearly marked cone to wait with their own class members at the ‘set down’ area outside the office. Staff members will escort these children to their classes in line with our safety measures. 
  • If a class has an earlier finish time, e.g. 15.40 instead of 14.50, children getting the bus will remain in their mainstream classroom until the bus has arrived to bring them home. If your child’s class has a finish time of 15.0, they will be dismissed at 14.50 so that they can get the bus home. Children will not miss out on core subject teaching time through these new arrangements. We hope to revert to our usual start and finish times as soon as it is safe to do so. 
  • All Junior and Senior Infant children who have been signed up to take the bus to and from school will not, under the current circumstances, be able to take the afternoon bus home. We understand that this will have a big impact on numerous families, and we are working to come up with a solution to support you with this issue. But, for now, due to current restrictions, we cannot provide our usual Infant Club service, therefore we are unable to provide for these children until 14.50 as we have done in the past. We hope to prioritise the Infant Club service for pupils as soon as it is safe to do so.