Click on the below link to see a simple presentation to assist in preparing your child in their transition back to GETNS:

Welcome Back to Greystones Educate Together


We wish to include a brief description of pods which, we hope, will also assist you in preparing your children for next week. 

Each class in our school will be called a ‘bubble’ and, within each bubble, the members of the bubble will be organised into ‘pods’. These pods will seat 6 children and will look just like a regular ‘group seating’ arrangement. However, each ‘pod’ has been carefully placed within each bubble, so that the members of the pod are 1 metre from the members of any other pod. This seating plan will be decided through a collaborative process involving the new class teacher and SET teacher, and the child’s previous class teacher, allowing for important factors such as friendships and positive learning relationships to be considered. We are aware that many children missed a lot of social opportunities over the summer and we want to assure you that every effort will be made to create pods which are reflective of friendships while also being conducive to  a positive and effective learning environment for all. The class, or bubble, will still be a whole, active and inclusive environment for all pupils and teaching methodologies will incorporate, as always, whole class discussion and activities, group and individual discussion and activities.

The main modifications are:

  • Large group or small group work will be organised for pupils within their pods, rather than mixing pods. 
  • Each child will use his or her own resources
  • Resources used by one pod will be quarantined for 72 hours, and disinfected, before being used by a different pod

We aim to change the pods termly. During break times, the members of a pod, if mixing with children from other pods within their bubble, will maintain a safe distance of approximately 1 metre from each other. While this is a safe distance, it is still possible to enjoy  socialising and we hope friendships will still continue to blossom for each child in our school. We will certainly do all we can to support this.