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Welcome to our Science Blog!

We are working towards our Discover Primary Science and Maths award again this year. We will  record everything we get up to during the year on these pages, in the hopes of achieving the award for yet another year. We love using a ‘blog’ type entry for DPS. It has really enhanced our ICT skills and has encouraged a greener environment!

The following steps have to be completed in order to win the DPS Plaque of STEM Excellence:

STEP 1: Science

Provide evidence of the children engaging in hands-on science investigations in school (indoors or outdoors).

STEP 2: Technology (ICT)

Provide evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work. By technology in this step we mean Information Communications Technologies [ICT].

STEP 3: Engineering

Provide evidence of how children investigated engineering in class or in the local area.

STEP 4: Maths

Provide evidence of how the children used their maths skills.

STEP 5: STEM Showcase

Provide evidence that the children have presented and explained their STEM work to others (beyond their own class)

Click on the different tabs in the ‘Activities’ section of the website to see the progress we have made with each step.