Enrolment Form & Extra Curricular Activity (E.C.A)

Guidelines for Parents and Children


The Extra Curricular Activities (E.C.A) are being run for the enjoyment of the children and we all very much appreciate the adults who give their time to support the activities and thus contribute to the school environment.

For the success and safety of each activity adherence to the following E.C.A guidelines is essential:

  1. Children must remain with the E.C.A provider who is responsible for the children until the activity finishes.
  2. E.C.A providers will carry out each activity in full compliance with all relevant school polices and agreements as ratified by the Board of Management.
  3. Children who are being collected must remain within the school grounds, in the reception area or at the front patio of the school. If walking or cycling home children must be advised by parents / guardians to do so safely particularly when crossing the road.
  4. Siblings or friends of children not involved in an E.C.A activity must not remain in the school or on school grounds during the activity.
  5. The parents / guardian of children who have special needs as defined by the Department of Education and Science or who have a medical condition e.g. asthma, which may affect their participation in E.C.A must consult with the Extra Curricular Activity Co-ordinator who will discuss their participation with the provider.
  6. Parents / guardians must arrive on time for their E.C.A pickup. If delayed, please contact the E.C.A Co-ordinator: Phone                                                               as arrangements will need to be made to stay with the child/children until collected by the parents.
  7. Parents / guardians are required to discuss the School’s Code of Behaviour with their child/children. Children are expected to be polite and courteous at all times. If a child misbehaves   E.C.A providers are required to ask the child not to participate any further on that day – but to remain until the activity finishes. The provider will then inform the parents/ guardians and advise them as to whether or not they may return to the E.C.A


Details Submission:

Child’s Name:                                                   

Telephone & Emergency Contact Details:                                                            

Medical Condition:                                                                                                        

Permission to leave school grounds alone (not to be collected by an adult): Yes / No

Signature:                                                                                            Date: