The 40-page GETNS Incredible Edible Handbook clearly defines the goals and objectives of the GETNS Incredible Edible. It keeps all of the documents in one place as a reference and resource for the entire school community. The handbook describes different cultivation methods and suggests ways to get children curious and enthusiastic about growing their own crops. The handbook is regularly updated as we gain experience and also leaves a permanent record for those who will manage the project after us.

The handbook also includes an extensive native wildflowers/ trees spreadsheet for teachers and students to identify the flowers in the new wildflowers area and a comprehensive and easy-to-use crop calendar to help the teachers plan their sowing and harvesting with their classes during the school year.

From “Seeds to Solutions: The Power of Small Solutions

“Our second challenge has been how to create a strong system of communication between the various participants in the project. Communication comes from our core group of parent volunteers to school staff, the board of management, the teachers, the children and their parents and guardians. So we created a handbook to define the project, set goals and share gardening tips and integrate the Incredible Edible ethos. It was a great way to get everyone to work together towards a common goal and combine all of our strengths and skills.”