When you are on a creative journey you are using information, techniques and materials in new ways a lot of the time. This way of working can be unpredictable which by its very nature adds intrigue and interest to the adventure.

Plaster Panels.

Four Plaster Panels.
Four Plaster Panels.

When casting the plaster panels we used two different bags of plaster both bought at same time. The first two panels hardened and are still getting harder and the plaster of the second two panels never fully hardened.

We left the panels over the weekend hoping they would harden.

At worst we knew we would have to repeat the whole process with third and fourth classes again. Knowing this there was no point in worrying unduly.

On Monday we managed to separate the clay from the plaster. As we thought they were not good casts but luckily we left the plaster long enough to come cleanly away from the clay. With a quick drive into Dublin we got a fresh bag of plaster and we were able to recast the two panels. Today when we opened them up they were perfect, phew!