Today we finally finished  installing the artwork with feelings of both sadness and joy. We will really miss doing the work as we had such fun but we are also very happy to see it all come together and it is time to hand it over to all you wonderful children. Well done everyone your work is amazing. We hope that the ideas in the work continues to be an inspiration and springboard to the wide curriculum for teachers and future classes in the school.

Traces Art Installation.

Traces – A mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something. (Oxford Dictionary)

Traces Art Installation makes reference to geology and archaeology and how they are interpreted in museums.

Greystones Educate Together National School sits on a hill surrounded by natural resources, and traces of how man has used these resources.

Our aim was that by using art materials, natural materials and age old techniques to explore themes of local geology and archaeology, the children would gain a new interest and understanding of time, weather, erosion, silting, fossils and early man, and see that they too will be leaving traces for the future.

The Installation is a legacy of this project, and can be used as a continuing resource for teachers and pupils to explore these themes.


The installation begins at the top level of the stairwell with a museum cabinet, containing work that refers to fossils, shell middens, geology, sea life and the Bronze Age.

IMG_0888 copy

Escaped bronze fish from the cabinet swim down the stairs towards sea stones, which lead to photographs of three sea stone fish

On the next turn of the stairs one encounters a series of photographs of the drowned forest, this leads to the bottom floor where one is surrounded by 21 charcoal drawings of trees.

2nd 2 IMG_0944 copy


Junior Infants – Fish

Jun I 2

Senior Infants – sea life.

IMG_0907 copySen I

First Class- Charcoal forest.

1stIMG_0945 copy

Second class – The drowned forest.

2nd 2

Third and Fourth Class – fossils

IMG_0889 copyIMG_0876 copy

Fifth class – shell midden and beaker pottery.

5th 45th 2

Sixth Class – bronze fish