Easter Holidays.

Now is our time during the school holidays to take stock of where we are and the work we’ve gathered from all he children.

To date we have worked with all classes except the two second classes.

Second class we are going to work with you in April on the beach. We need to get both tide and weather right for this.

This is what we have for our assemblage –

An original cabinet from the Natural History Museum.



Three photographs of sea stone fish from Junior Infants. ( Local geology).

fish 1Fish 2fish 3

Engraved sea stones from Senior Infants. ( Sea life).


Charcoal tree drawings from First Class. ( Fossilised forest under the sea).

Four plaster relief panels from Third and Fourth classes. ( Fossils).

Pit fired clay forms from Fifth class. ( Beaker people and Shell Midden).

Bronze fish and charcoal fish drawings from Sixth class. ( Bronze Age).

charcoal fish 1 charcoal fish 2

bronze 1.

We will be working on these pieces to prepare them for the final assemblege.