You may have noticed little signs appearing around the school with the name ‘GETNS Incredible Edible’. These signs represent our school garden community project which is based on the philosophy of the Incredible Edible movement.

The Incredible Edible philosophy encourages the creation of communities to reclaim the common spaces of towns, schools, estates, villages and city neighbourhoods to grow vegetables using the principles of permaculture. Growing vegetables is the starting point to build kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.


The Incredible Edible movement started in 2007 as an idea discussed between Pamela Warhurst and Mary Clear around tea in Mary’s kitchen in the town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK.

Pamela and Mary wanted to help their community come together after the economic damage caused by multiple closures of industries in the town. They were also trying to find an answer to the growing worries among the general population about climate change and food sustainability.

So, in 2008 they gathered some friends and volunteers in a café to share their vision for Todmorden: Growing food to kindly connect people, with the motto “if you eat, you’re in” and believing in the power of small actions. Incredible Edible was born.

The group began by planting food crops all around the town in public areas such as parks and communal plant pots. They asked local businesses for permission to grow crops in their flower pots, making them free for everyone to pick. Word soon spread and interest in the project grew.

“If you eat, you’re in”

By 2009, the nearby town of Ramsbottom had followed Todmorden and started their own project. In 2010, the towns of Lambeth, Prestwich and Landfeld had started their own communities.

In 2012, the Incredible Edible Network was created to help coordinate the growing number of independent communities as the movement had begun to spread worldwide to over 600 groups. Each community is independent and develops its own project, according to its own goals. The same year, Ted Talks contacted Pamela Warhurst to ask her to tell her story.

Over time the Incredible Edible Network, has learned from all these groups and adopted a five-point core value system to help all of its members.

Exploring plants in an Incredible Edible garden project

To find out more about the Incredible Edible Network, we’ve attached this helpful guide.

The Incredible Edible Core Values

The philosophy of the Incredible Edible Movement has been defined over time by looking at what drives the communities. These principles have become the core values of the Incredible Edible Network.


Believe in the power of your own potential to create the future that you want.


In your passion, your action and your purchasing. Find ways to create local solutions to global problems.


We are more passionate about people than plants. We are not just a growing group. We believe that when people spend time connecting and listening to each other positive change happens.


The future is in our hands. We have the right as citizens to take action. The structures in a democratic society exist to serve the will of the citizens.