Today we began with a youtube video of a school in Carlow who work in bronze with us to produce a wonderful sculpture in front of their new school through the Percent for Art Scheme.This shows the work involved in very quicktime.Of course this took months to produce but it give an idea of the different stages of research and bronze casting.

We bought in a selection of replica bronze age axe heads, tools, and a bronze horn with the materials used to produce them. The axe heads have the remains of the moulds they came from so the positive and negative forms could be observed.

IMG_7822 copy IMG_7880 copy

Fiona explained how the ‘Lost Wax’ technique works.

The children were given a modern day moulding wax (we couldn’t get enough bees wax) to model their fish. They had fish to observe while they modelled.

Initially  the wax was cold so they have to spend a long time warming in their hands to make if malleable.

With a lot of work they produced wonderful wax fish. We, artist, will work with these to produce bronze fish. As we have to work in our studio we will video and photograph the process so the children can see what is happening their fish.

IMG_7842 copy IMG_7850 copy IMG_7852 copy IMG_7861 copy

IMG_7873 copy IMG_7875 copy

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