Dear Parents,

We are delighted to welcome the children back to school today 1stSeptember 2010. I’m sure everyone is delighted that they are back. Can we especially welcome the 30 new infants in Naomi’s room and all the new children who have joined us in the other classes.

Heading into our third year now, we have only one new member of staff, Angelina, who will be teaching Learning Support/Resource. She is a very experienced teacher and some of the children already know her as she has previously done some substitute teaching here. Welcome Angelina.

We haven’t heard of any new baby siblings being born over the summer, but I’m sure you’ll keep us informed.

Can we again remind you all of our healthy lunch policy no sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks and the Drop Down only area at the front of the school. This is very important this year especially, as the school bus will be delivering children to school and will need that area to be clear. We would ask for your co-operation please.

The “Lost Property” can be inspected in the Wicklow Room on the first few mornings that you are in for coffee, any clothes remaining by end of September will be given to charity.

Staff meeting on Friday 3rd Sept early close at 1:30pm. All Junior Infants will be going home at 12.10pm up to Friday the 17th September.

Items for the wishlist this year include library books and a dishwasher (if there is one going spare). Please remember to donate any old mobile phones your family or friends may be disposing of. We are still trying to save enough for an Interactive Whiteboard and they will be donated to the Jack & Jill Charity.

Anyone who has had a change of address or phone number, please contact Aideen in the office.

Kind regards,

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